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UNI-T Strategically Cooperates with Xun Xin Wei to Build Domestic Advanced T&M Industry Ecosystem

Uni-Trend Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “UNI-T”) recently held a strategic cooperation ceremony with Suzhou Xun Wei Xin Electronics Limited (abbreviated as “Xun Wei Xin”). The Vice President Hon Shao Lin and the President Wu Jin signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of “UNI-T” and “Xun Wei Xin” respectively.

Strategic Cooperation Ceremony
△ Strategic Cooperation Ceremony

Based on the strategic cooperation agreement to achieve mutual development and benefit, “UNI-T” and “Xun Wei Xin” give full play to their technological research advantages, integrate superior resources in depth, develop highly value-added products, improve the core competitiveness of domestic meters and instruments internationally, push the development of homemade medium- and high-end meters and instruments, promote meter and instrument industries toward the eco-friendly development direction, and provide global markets with diverse T&M solutions.

Uni-Trend Technology (China) Co., Ltd.

As a provider of T&M products and comprehensive solutions, UNI-T develops in the field of meters and instruments for over 30 years, establishing research bases in Dongguan, Changzhou, Chengdu, etc. As of 30 September 2022, UNI-T has 260 research engineers and obtains 391 patents (among which 54 items are invention patents), and participates in formulating 4 national standards.

UNI-T has been awarded as ”Guangdong Instrument and Meter Research Center”, “National High-Tech Technology Enterprise”, “National Intellectual Property Enterprise”, “Guangdong Post-Doctoral Innovative Experimental Base”, and more.

Honor Certificates Exhibition
Honor Certificates Exhibition

Since founded, UNI-T focuses on research, production, sales and promotion of T&M products, and pushes the globalization of domestic meters and instruments. Its instrument businesses are in leading position in domestic markets, and enters into rapid development phase after years of development layout, thus setting up multiple core instrument production lines including signal acquisition and generation, source and power analysis, radio frequency and microwave, element measurement and safety regulation, etc.

UNI T Branded Testing Instruments
△ UNI-T-Branded Testing Instruments

On 15 November 2022, UNI-T held a global new products launch, in which high-bandwidth oscilloscope (2.5G, 10GSa/s), high-end spectrum analyzer, digital phosphor oscilloscope, intrinsically-safe explosion-proof meters, high-end smart thermal imaginer and other flagship products were released.

The products launch symbolizes UNI-T steps on the new stage to gradually push product structure to transform toward advanced development, facilitating the development of domestic high-end instruments and building a national instrument brand.

New Generation Flagship Oscilloscope
△ New-Generation Flagship Oscilloscope
MSO7000X Series High-Bandwidth Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Suzhou Xun Xin Wei Electronics Limited

Founded at Suzhou industrial zone in 2013, Xun Xin Wei is a national high-tech enterprise, integrating design, research and sales of integrated circuit and software & hardware systems, and providing technological consultations and services.

Xun Xin Wei Exhibition Hall
△ Xun Xin Wei Exhibition Hall

The strategic cooperation is the embodiment of mutual complementation in technology, mutual benefit, and win-win situation.

“UNI-T” and “Xun Xin Wei” will carry out the overall strategic cooperation in fields including core technology of key analog chip, resource integration of T&M industry chain, as well as innovation and application promotion of industry ecosystem.

Through continuous research and technical accumulation, UNI-T will make a breakthrough on the core chip, develop high-end product structure step by step, push the development of domestic advanced instruments, build a domestic instrumentation brand, and improve international effect and market competitiveness of national middle- and high-end instruments and meters, to make “UNI-T” a word-class brand in testing and measurement fields.

* The strategic agreement (not involved with specific amount) is only the initial cooperative-purpose agreement based on the cooperation intent of both parties. The final official agreement signed by both parties shall prevail.

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