Voltage and Continuity Testers
UT15 series has the functions: AC/DC voltage measurement (including three-phase AC), phase position indication of three-phase AC, continuity test and single probe measurement (judge null wire or live wire). It is applicable to smelting, electron, manufacture, fossil oil, national defense, electricity and chemical engineering and so on. It can also solve the complex problems of electron, factory automation, electric power distribution and electromechanical device.

UT18 series voltage and continuity testers are designed for testing AC/DC voltage, 3-phase voltage, phase sequence, continuity, and more. This series is categorized as CAT IV 600V and meets IP65 standard. Application fields for UT18 include smelting, electronics, manufacturing, and electrical. These voltage testers are perfect tools for electricians to quickly measure voltage levels in any harsh environments. This series should NOT be used in 110V electrical systems.
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