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UNI-T to Showcase New Test & Measurement Devices at HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2023

UNI-T, a leading provider of test & measurement devices in Asia, will be showcasing a series of new products at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2023, which will be held from 13 to 16 October 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

UNI-T’s new test & measurement devices are designed to meet the latest industry needs and to help customers improve their productivity and efficiency. Some of the highlights of UNI-T’s new products include:

• A new line of digital multimeters with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and data logging

• A new line of oscilloscopes with high bandwidth and high sample rates

• A new line of power analyzers with accurate measurements and powerful features

• A new line of thermal imaging cameras with high resolution and sensitivity

UNI-T’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

• High quality, accuracy, and reliability: UNI-T’s test & measurement devices are known for their high quality, accuracy, and reliability.

• Wide range of products at competitive prices: UNI-T offers a wide range of test & measurement devices at competitive prices.

• Excellent customer support and training: UNI-T is committed to customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer support and training

Why Customers Should Visit UNI-T’s Booth at the Electronics Fair

• See the new products in action: Visitors to UNI-T’s booth can see the new products in action and get expert advice from UNI-T’s team.

• Take advantage of special promotions: UNI-T may offer special promotions at its booth at the electronics fair.

Details of the fair:

• Exhibition Date: 13 – 16 October 2023

• Booth No.: 5E-B24

Visit UNI-T’s booth at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2023 to learn more about UNI-T’s latest test & measurement products and to see them in action! Book a meeting at the trade fair / Contact us at: UNI-T @ HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)2023

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