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2020 Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Material and Equipment Fair

As one of the earliest professional trade fair to be held in the country and the first fair in Guangzhou in the post COVID-19 period, the 2020 Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Material and Equipment Fair has its own unique value.

Dongguan is a well-known international manufacturing base, there are more than 2,000 manufacturers of epidemic prevention materials including masks, mask machines, infrared thermometers, and more. In order to achieve manufacturing transformation, securing an adequate supply of epidemic prevention materials, and expanding overseas sales channels, the Foreign Investment Promotion Center of Dongguan Business Bureau organized and promoted eight local companies including Uni-Trend Technology (China) Co., Ltd. to take part in this fair.

Uni-Trend’s UTi260K Infrared Thermal Imager and UT305H Infrared Thermometer are on display at the fair.

With the brand-new sensor module, outstanding infrared resolution and various palettes, UTi260K can handle a variety of imaging mode requirements such as ROI (Region of interest). UTi260K’s PC software can be used for real-time screen projection with high-temperature audible alarm for fast screening.

Equipped with high temperature audible and visual alarm, 250ms quick response, high-contrast screen and the tripod mounting hole, UT305H infrared thermometer can measure and detect elevated body temperature efficiently.

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