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UTi80P Thermal Imager

UTi80P is Uni-Trend's latest portable infrared thermal imager with high-resolution (80×60). Users can observe the target object clearly at night and measure the temperature. UTi80P Cube has mulitiple palettes for different scenes. It is equipped with upper computer software and can transmit data through the USB interface, display and analyze all pixel temperatures, and perform high temperature capture which can quickly identify the hot spot location. Designed with high and low temperature alarm/dynamic tracking, adjustable emissivity, UTi80 Cube can meet various user requirements, and its palm-sized volume and complete functions makes it a best choice for DIY hobbyist. It is an ideal tool for on-site temperature detection.
UTi80P Cube is widely used in power/HVAC equipment maintenance, electronic power/automotive manufacturing, construction, energy, chemical and smelting industries.