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UTS1060 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (Discontinued)

UTS1000 series handheld spectrum analyzer is designed for field use. It is light in weight, with simple structure, rich measurement function, and it is the best choice for excellent performance and value. It is equipped with high-brightness 6.5-inch wide screen LCD display, dynamic appearance and clear picture. High-capacity rechargeable lithium battery supports 4-hour continuous working. Push battery compartment help users replace battery conveniently at any time, and thus extend runtime unlimitedly. Built-in trace source, standard preamplifier, audio demodulation and high resolution bandwidth and others functions, can quickly and reliably solve a variety of conventional measurement tasks and adapt to complex environmental requirements. It uses a common USB, LAN communication interface to connect with PC and displays test screen on PC and achieves remote control. Using standard complete SCPI command set, the integrated testing system can be built and upgraded quickly, which is convenient for users to use and measure.
Designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing of electronic and electroacoustic devices, such as circuit and equipment testing in cellular and wireless systems, broadcasting, television and radio systems; semiconductor component testing etc.
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